Tiff has served as a non-profit leader, offering her generous spirit, devotion to creating a supportive work culture for her staff, and a clear drive for excellence in her work. Tiff has created an environment where wellness and work-life balance are a priority for everyone within the organization, promoting a genuine atmosphere where self-care and honoring people's whole humanness is at the center of how the organization operates. In her role as an executive leader, Tiff has weathered several significant organizational challenges and her resiliency has strengthened her own leadership presence and guided her team through tough situations with grace and clarity. Tiff has an ability to see the big picture and execute systems and strategic planning to bring people along with her as she moves work forward.
As the Executive Director of Literacy Trust, Tiffany was instrumental in bringing me on as the Academic Advisor for Reading Rescue. We have had a close working relationship for two years. What I enjoyed most about working with Tiffany was her ability to recognize strengths in the people who she works with, as well as in herself. She has an amazing capacity to delegate tasks and trust that her employees will do excellent work. This enables her employees to rise and even exceed expectations. She is a true leader in this regard- knowing when to lead vs. when to follow; knowing when to step up vs. when to step back to let others shine. In addition, she has an incredible mind for business and a keen eye for opportunity. What she was able to accomplish in the five years she was at Literacy Trust is quite remarkable. The strides that the organization made were due in large part to Tiffany's ability to foster the careers of young, eager employees by putting them in positions where they had the capacity to make decisions and fumble without failing. The combination of Tiffany's business acumen, her trust in her employees, and her high expectations of them enabled Literacy Trust to develop into a notable non-profit in New York City.

Katharine Pace Miles, Ph.D.

I first met Tiff in 2013 when I served as Reading Partners, Vice President. At that time, with her spirit of service and get things done mindset, I witnessed her launch and lead Reading Partners New York Region which continues to thrive today! I’ve known Tiff for over 7 years now in several capacities (as her manager, her colleague, her coach and eventually her friend and neighbor). One thing has been a constant - Tiffany is one of the most passionate and determined people I’ve ever met. Her kindness and commitment as a change agent keep me squarely in her corner. When I recently learned about Tiffany’s newest venture, I knew this too would flourish just as everything else she has touched.

Adeola Whitney
Chief Executive Officer, Reading Partners

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