Soul Searcher

Soul Searcher

Soul Searcher is a 3 month program designed to inspire you to find your purpose and figure out how you are going to create the life of your dreams by doing amazing work in the world that lights up your soul!


This sacred container will be experienced October 2021-December 2021.

Program Components

• 3 months of community and support in a sacred, joyful love-filled container of abundance and inspiration with other amazing women going through the same thing you are going through right now!

• Six one to one coaching sessions with me (an expert Women’s Empowerment Coach and hypnotherapist) because in order for you to become a coach you have to walk the talk. That means you have to do the inner work and face your own blockages so you can conquer them and soar! Also, by working with different coaches you get to experience different tools and styles which will help you when you are creating your own coaching style!
• Six 90 minute group coaching calls where we will see, support and learn together.
• 2-3 guest speakers who will share their stories of how they figured out their calling and the road they took to the success they have now.
• Optional weekly online class that will include yoga, meditation and breathwork. All classes will be recorded for you to watch if you have to miss them for any reason.
• You will leave with a clear blueprint for the next 12 months so you know the exact steps you need to take to begin your road to becoming a coach/healer!

You will end this program with:
• Clarity on your purpose in the world!
• An attainable vision of your heart’s biggest dreams
• A deeper connection to your mind and body
• A new tribe that will support you for life

Module Topics

Week 1
Discover, Claim and Embody your unique gifts

Week 2
Transform your fears, explore the inner critic, shadow and ego self

Embodiments of a good coach/healer
          Self Care/Self Love
          Creating Safety
          Deep Presence
          Becoming an Expert
          Doing the work

Working in the Subconscious Mind

Week 3
 Exploring Different Modalities/Guest Speaker Series
Learn from existing practitioners
 How did they find their purpose?
 Learn techniques behind different modalities

Week 4
     Exploring Different Modalities/Guest Speaker Series

Week 5
Creating your 12 month Blueprint to change your life!

     • Business Building Best Practices
          Generating Leads and Branding
          1:1 Sessions
          Group Sessions
          High Ticket Offers
          Building Courses

Week 6
 Bringing your blueprint to life
     Abundance Mindset & Wealth Consciousness – Let Go of Your Money Blocks!

     Manifestation in the Quantum and Action planning!
     Closing and Reflection


Tiff Zapico is a Women Empowerment's Coach who has helped hundreds of women step into their power and up-level their entire lives. Her passion for mind and body harmony comes from her own life journey transforming her physical, mental and spiritual bodies and her deep desire to see all women manifest their dreams into reality.

Tiff is a successful entrepreneur, executive leader, certified hypnotherapist, student of Layla Martin's VITA Coaching Program, and die-hard Dr. Joe Dispenza fan. Her expertise includes business building, yoga, tantra, breathwork, meditation, pleasure practices, journeys to the quantum field, nutritional hacks and plant medicines. Her passions include marrying the ancient wisdom of spiritual practices with our current 3D reality.