90-Day Mind & Body

90-Day Mind & Body Transformation Program

with Tiff Zapico

Lose The Weight Without Living In The Gym... And Learn The Art Of Self Love. 💜



It’s really hard to admit that this was me just 2 months ago! 

Well, the photo was actually taken back in February, 2020 right before 

we all got locked down, but when I met Tiff in June I had lost 10 pounds. Yes that’s right, I spent 60 days on another program of 2 shakes a day 

that tasted like chalk, I was famished and I lost just 10 pounds. I weighed in at 262 pounds. Honestly, I was angry that another expensive program failed for me that I was so sure was the answer. I was beginning to feel 

rather desperate. My knees were in chronic pain from arthritis, my sleep 

was poor and I just felt like I was never going to see my skinny clothes 


Then I met Tiff and she told me about her program. She assured 

me it wasn’t a quick fix and that I would be working closely with her to 

break through my limiting beliefs around weight loss. I would be eating 

very clean and would need to be strictly on the plan for the 40 day period. I thought, hmm, I can do anything for 40 days. So I gave it a shot.

We got to work and I couldn’t believe all the incredible information I learned about myself and what foods were actually not okay for my body type. I was actually eating many foods that did not work with my body. The refrigerator got a good clean out and I made a commitment to myself to go all in with this program. Tiff helped me to break through my limiting beliefs around my self worth through the use of self hypnosis. She taught me how to incorporate the practice into my daily routine and believe me, this was a game changer for me! I began preparing foods as instructed and soon eliminated all inflammatory type foods, eating only the foods on my preferred list.

The supplements seemed to give me energy throughout the day and what I found as I was going through each week, was that I didn’t want to cheat. When I was 2 or 3 weeks into the plan, I told Tiff that I literally had no desire to cheat on the plan. Every other diet I had ever been on, I had cheated long before now and on this one, I was committed to myself and getting healthy. The pounds were falling off…literally! Each day I would get on the scale and the scale would get lower and lower. 

After working with Tiff, I completed my 40 day journey along with my reintroduction period successfully. To date, I have not cheated on this plan. I continue to eat clean, no inflammatory foods, no sugar, no caffeine, just vegetables, fruits and lean proteins along with healthy fats. I am satisfied and my body feels amazing! I have no arthritis pain. I am walking daily, 7 days a week, more than 10,000 steps a day with ease. I sleep well, and am active. I am fitting back into clothes I haven’t worn in years as I lost 40 pounds and 46.50 inches in 40 days! 


I am still practicing my self hypnosis daily and my life continues to grow and change in ways I never imagined! I am grateful for this journey and look forward to the next step and losing the remainder of my weight. Thank you Tiff for this amazing opportunity! Love, JillianChristy

I’ve been overweight for most of my life, I’ve never liked diet food. At this point in my life I was completely frustrated dealing with knee and ankle pain with any physical activity.  Recently retired, wanting and hoping to be able to do more outdoors with family, grandkids and friends.  With an opened mind I started looking for the answer to give me some kind of relief.


I found Tiff, she swore she could help me lose weight, feel better and be my coach, the whole package.  It was a big decision for me to invest.  Tiff emphasized it was a strict plan to follow but with great results.  I was skeptical, but Tiff’s enthusiasm convinced me it would be worth the cost, my time and effort.


So our journey began. In retirement I assigned myself a new job, to work hard to follow the plan with Tiff as my coach.


Initially and most important learned how and what to track. Using the tools Tiff sent me and I  started a daily routine, eating real food that tastes good, drinking plenty of water and learning what to eat, and not eat, what to do and not do.  Even trying new things like grounding, self hypnosis, etc. with Tiff’s expertise.


Changing a few of my beliefs, I always had cooked zucchini, never raw.  Now I love raw zucchini better.  I always thought losing weight meant dealing with feeling hungry, not at all during this journey. Bread is my most favorite, thought I would have to give up bread completely.  I found keto bread recipe I love and can make 1 slice at a time in 5 min.  I have always loved to cook and I have my family recipe book with my favorites.  Through this experience I started creating a new recipe book of Keto recipes that I like.  I’ve also tweaked some old family recipes to make them more healthy.  During this journey when I had questions or lost confidence Tiff was always there to help. 


Within 60 days, down 40 pounds transformed into a healthier new version of me, eating and feeling better inside and out.  Feeling more and more confident everyday about maintaining my healthy lifestyle.  My husband has also lost pounds and is eating healthier too.  Now I’m spending more days running around with the grandkids, going for walks.  I have more energy and feel better than I have in a long time.

Tiff is a beautiful soul and her desire and mission is to help each client she works with be the best that they can be. I have had a weight struggle for the last 50 years and today after working with Tiff for 3 months, I am free of the negative emotions and self talk that have sabotaged me over and over and prevented me from reaching my goals. I am releasing excess weight in a safe and healthy way that I will be able to maintain indefinitely. The time I spend with Tiff is fun, informative and it works! The Zoom sessions are different for me, as I am used to face to face work, but I am really learning to enjoy them and look forward to my weekly session with Tiff.


I am forever grateful for this time in my life and for Tiff and her love.

Program Outline:

The program is not only about weight loss but it’s about transforming your mind and body! If you follow the program exactly as prescribed you are guaranteed (or money back) to lose 20-40lbs in 40 days. The best part of the weight loss is primarily fat loss. It’s the stubborn fat that, for me, was always in my stomach and face. I love how much my stomach shrunk! 

Stage 1: Days 1-43: Detox and Fat Loss

• You will follow a customized food plan and will lose at least 20lbs in 40 days! 

Stage 2: Days 43-60: Stabilization

• Let’s set the body up at it’s new weight set point to guarantee the weight will stay off for good!

Stage 3: Days 60-90: Amplifying Unconditional Self Love!

• Life long habits are developed to sustain your new body and confidence – which you will absolutely love! I will give you lots of recipe hacks for enjoyable healthy eating once your 40 day detox is complete. 

Key Features:


Tiff Zapico is a Mind Body Transformation Coach who has helped hundreds of women lose weight, step into their power and up-level their entire lives. Her passion for mind and body harmony comes from her own life journey losing over 85 lbs, mastering the art of self-love and her deep desire to see all women manifest their dreams into reality. Tiff is a certified hypnotherapist who has also studied neuroscience, epigenetics, quantum physics, kriya yoga, tantra yoga, breathwork, meditation and pleasure practices. She has been taught by the best teachers in the world including Grace Smith, Layla Martin, and Dr. Joe Dispenza.

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